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Backup & Recovery

Creation of sound Backup & Recovery Plans to your exact needs.

Backing up your Data
With the possibility of almost every computer user of encountering a problem at some point, whether it is the disaster of a failed hard drive or the loss/corruption of data.  After the time & cost of entering the data, don't risk loosing it by not having it backed up.

Ask yourself :-          How safe is your computer data?
                                Do you perform a regular backup?
                                Do you verify your backup? 

Backup Data Storage
A large range of Backup Storage Solutions are available, including Hard Drives, Portable USB Drives, NAS Drives to Cloud Storage.



Recovery of your Data

As important as a Backup Plan is to prevent problems that might cause data loss or interruptions to your organization’s operations, a Recovery Plan establishes guidelines and procedures to allow recovery as quickly as possible if such events do occur.

In addition, the backup plan should identify :-
          who is responsible for performing backups
          the schedule for all periodic backups and periodic testing of backups
          instructions for labelling and storing all backup files.