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Desktop Computers

• New Computers Custom Built for your applications of both Workstations & Standalone PCs with Windows 10/11 installed & fully setup onsite.

• LCD Monitors available in a range of sizes.

• Computers supplied with Wireless Keyboard & Mouse sets.




Laptops Computers & Portable Devices

• New Laptop Computers & Tablets to be used for both Mobile Applications & Workstations with Windows 10/11 or Tablet software installed & setup onsite ready to use.




Server Computers & Software

• New Servers Computers Custom Built for your application as a File Servers, Database Servers & Email Exchange Servers loaded with either Windows Server software or Windows 10/11 Professional (for basic file servers) installed & fully setup onsite.



ADSL & Wireless Internet - Local Networks

• Hardware Supplied & Installed for all your Local Area Networks, ADSL & Wireless Internet connections.

• Advice of the type of Internet Access available & suitable for your Business use.