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     Windows 11
The new Windows 11 was released from around end of October 2021.
For the average business user it won't mean a lot over the current Windows 10. Rather than being a new OS it's more an update on Windows 10 as have been with the various versions of Windows 10 from version 1507 through to version 21H1, with the new Windows 11 being version 21H2.

Get a fresh perspective

"Windows 11 provides a calm and creative space where you can pursue your passions through a fresh experience. From a rejuvenated Start menu to new ways to connect to your favourite people, news, games, and content—Windows 11 is the place to think, express, and create in a natural way."

Maximise your productivity
"Access all the apps you need and multi-task with ease with tools like Snap layouts, Desktops, and a new more-intuitive redocking experience."
Manage your Business, not your Computers and Networks.
We deliver Computer and Network support as well as Managed Services for your Growing Business and are better placed to keep your Technology up to date in this ever changing IT World.
Computers Supplied Fully Installed Onsite
New Computers Factory or Custom Built for your applications of Workstations, Servers and Mobile Devices covering MS Windows 10/11 & MS Server 2016-2019 and above, fully setup onsite with Support for all Software & additional Hardware needs.             more...>>

Standard Business & Specialised Software
Installation & Tuition in the use of Microsoft Office Software and all your General Business Software.
Support for software used by Medical Practices or Specialised software for your business.           more...>>

Data Backup
With the possibility of almost every computer user of encountering a problem at some point, whether it is the disaster of a failed hard drive or the loss/corruption of data.  After the time & cost of entering the data, don't risk loosing it by not having it backed up.

Ask yourself :-        How safe is your computer data?        Do you perform a regular backup?        
Do you verify your backup?           more...>>

Accounting Software
Setup & Support Initial setup & tuition as well as ongoing support for New & Existing installations of both Myob & Reckon versions of Accounting, Payroll & Point of Sale Software.       more...>>

Web Management & Software Development
Complete Web Management of both New & Existing Web Sites, with the Design & Creation of New Pages or Alterations & Updates to Existing Pages. If you can't find suitable software we can create your own Custom Built software for Microsoft Windows Desktop & Online Applications.         more...>>

                    WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU.

We take care of your IT needs so you can manage your Business, not your Computers and Networks.

We deliver Computer and Network support as well as Managed Services for your Growing Business and are better placed to keep your Technology up to date in this ever changing IT World.

If your computer is running slow we can identify the issue so you have the experience again of your computer running as it should.

Hardware failure, we can repair the damage, as well as provide and install new hardware or upgrades to your current hardware.

Network issues resolved to keep your networking hardware running at optimal speed.

Do you need help with your email or have it transitioned to a new Host with IMAP or MSOffice365?  Speak to us about your options.

Web site hosting, new websites and website alterations we service, along with advice to make sure your website is viewed by as many potential clients as possible.

Need help with software issues and installations?  Don't be frustrated researching and wasting hours trying to resolve an issue that could have simply been solved by an experience Technician, and an issue you may never come across again.

                    WHO WE ARE.

With over 23 years experience in the IT Industry we offer a depth of knowledge, good communication in a language you can understand, and excellent customer service.

From our large Client base built up since our business was first started we are able to offer a continuing professional service to our Clients.

Our objective is to get you up and running as quickly as possible and to keep you operating smoothly.

We are based in Central Victoria, however we offer support to many businesses all over Victoria & Interstate.

                        Changes to work environments during Covid-19 Pandemic.

Working remotely has been available and used frequently long before COVID-19, however the pandemic has greatly accelerated it's use and Business have had to rethink how, and from where, work should be performed by their employees.
Having the option of their employees working outside the normal office environment at short notice is proving a huge bonus to be able to keep the Business operating.

As an essential service provider and in keeping with demand for clients working away from the normal office environment various changes are required to be made to keep work places operating.
We are always fully committed always to being there for your tech needs and working with your changing needs.

For employees working away from the office, logging in to the work computer remotely is one option. This gives the employee access from away from the office in most cases, and gives a feeling of still being in front of the work computer.

The use of a computer away from the office to access work documents and work programs from the Cloud is another option.

The use of Cloud Data Storage for Offsite access to files is a cheap efficient resource to make out of office work possible.

                        Remote Support to our clients.

Similarly for us, access to workstations whether based at home or in the work place is a necessary service for your business.
We offer Remote IT support which involves accessing your computer remotely using secure software.

This gives us the ability to maintain your devices as if we had it right in front of us, which is not only a much faster way of resolving most cases and normally at a lower cost, but also a safer working environment for all of us at the current time.

In some cases a visit to the premises may still be needed.